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JosTag 3.x Version:3.0.0

JosTag version 3.0 is now available for Joomla!® 3.x

Ce plugin de contenu permet d'ajouter à partir d'un article un tag quelconque (meta, lien fichier css ou js, etc.) dans le head de la page concernée.

This content plugin lets add in the page head any tag (meta, link to CSS or Js file, etc.) when the article is loaded.

It is legacy compatible with the tags used in 1.5.

Install and edit plugin for usage instructions.

version 2.2 corrects loading of .js file
NEW: now solves issue with smartsearch indexer, compatible with virtuemart, tags will NOT anymore display in category blog and featured. Also you may now use the plugin in a custom module


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Créé 2011-10-30
Créé par infograf_sgr
Modifié le 2018-03-07
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