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BBC News - World
BBC News - World
  1. Table Mountain fire 'burns out of control' in Cape Town
    The blaze has so far destroyed part of a cafe at the Rhodes Memorial above the city of Cape Town.
  2. Salisbury poisoning suspects 'linked to Czech blast'
    The Czech Republic expels 18 Russian diplomats after linking the operatives to a 2014 explosion.
  3. Plane ditches in ocean during Florida airshow
    The World War Two-era aircraft made an emergency landing in shallow water.
  4. Syria to hold election in May after years of war
    The vote is expected to pave the way for President Bashar al-Assad to serve another seven-year term.
  5. Indianapolis FedEx shooting: Who were the eight victims?
    Four of the eight who died at a FedEx warehouse were members of the Sikh community.