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    They're the easiest way to start building a smarter home. From Ikea and Philips Hue kits to ambient lighting, here are our favorites.
  2. Scientists May Have Found a Material for Building on Mars
    Using simple chemistry, the organic polymer chitin can be transformed into a viable substance for creating tools and habitats on the Red Planet.
  3. Is Dark Matter Just Black Holes Made During the Big Bang?
    Stephen Hawking once proposed that unseen “primordial” black holes might be the hidden dark matter. A series of new studies shows how it can work.
  4. TCL 6-Series TV Review (2020): It's Our Favorite TV, Again
    Mini-LED backlighting, clever cable management, and built-in Roku are just a few of its standout features.
  5. The Android 11 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know
    Many of the updates to Google's mobile OS are behind the scenes—but they can help you control your app permissions and keep your data safe.